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Solar Installation

Solar Installation

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It is advisable to look for a more economical means of using power, which is none other than using a renewable energy source like solar power, given the rapid rise in electricity rates in the Sydney region. 

Solar energy is not just a fantastic way to power your devices. It is also suitable for the environment. Another factor that has led Australians to install more solar panels in Sydney is the low cost of solar panel installation. You should believe in establishing a solar energy system if you’re searching for a more affordable power alternative for your Sydney home or business.

Steps For Solar Panel Installation

It pays to do your analysis and decide on a reliable provider because there is no shortage of solar installers on the market. Choosing a certified designer and installation offers you the assurance that your system is secure and guarantees that you are qualified for any rebates.

  1. A simple phone consultation is the first step in the process. We will talk about your site, your present electricity costs, the solar technology you’re interested in, and how much power you hope to produce with your new solar panels in Sydney. We provide a range of solar systems to accommodate both large- and small-scale projects.
  2. If your property permits solar panels in Sydney, we’ll start the process of creating a unique solar energy system for the location. We prioritize designing solar systems that are entirely customized to your site’s direction and location, as well as the amount of electricity you intend to generate with your new solar energy systems, to maximize your energy output with solar.
  3. The procedure of installing solar panels in Sydney then begins. Our skilled professionals will handle all aspects of the implementation process, from permits to inspections and interconnection, working with the best solar panel installers Sydney offers. 
  4. We work hard to make this step of the process as seamless as possible, regardless of the size of your system. Finally, your new solar power system from Sculli Solar Solutions will be installed and ready for use. The difference in your reduced electricity costs will be noticeable almost immediately. Our customers receive continued after-sale support for all questions, maintenance, and solar power services after the entire solar panel installation Sydney procedure is over. 
  5. Everything we do around providing outstanding customer service, from the initial phone consultation to our after-installation assistance, where you can always get in touch with us.

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NSW Government Rebates
The Australian government provides financial incentives through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which gives you eligible tradable certificates for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Rebates range from $1500 for a standard residential system to $5000 for a more extensive one calculated based on the size of your solar system – so the more significant the system, the more money you get back. However, it’s essential to note that only qualified solar installers can get you access to these rebates. 

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