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About Sculli Solar Solutions?

We at Sculli Solar Solutions provide a comprehensive range of solar panel installation services in the Sydney region. We offer more than simply the highest-calibre, most robust solar panels here. 

For our solar panel installation service, we also provide the best designs, servicing, and even post-sale support. Because The Clean Energy Council accredits all Sculli Solar Solutions, you can rely on our expertise and level of service. 

We offer specialized solar energy solutions In Sydney, Our primary focus areas include solar with battery storage solutions, solar system servicing, solar system repair, and the most satisfactory possible customer service. By providing the best service possible, we hope to keep the trust of our customers. 

Additionally, you can be confident that you will receive the best discounts. More precisely, hundreds of Australians have benefited from the years of experience of our skilled solar power installer team in providing high-quality solar panels and maximizing the performance of their solar systems. 

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We take incredible pride in working diligently and providing every client that requests our aid with the best service attainable. We have built a strong reputation because of the high calibre of work we have done throughout the years.

Recently, there has been a substantial change in solar energy. With PV energy and battery storage systems, homes and businesses can now take control of their solar power needs. All-day, every day, these systems provide access to cheap, green, and clean electricity. We offer the best solar energy options to match your demands, whether you want to install solely solar panels, solar with battery storage, or any other system. We deal with solar installation for both homes and businesses.

Sculli Solar Solutions can help you install solar power for your house or place of business. All our installers possess the highest licenses and certifications and are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Once you’ve evaluated your solar with them, one of our solar specialists will provide you with a tailored and personalized solar solution for your house or company. 

For you to start reaping the rewards sooner, we attempt to install all jobs within two to three weeks after signing!

NSW Government Rebates
Government rebate for solar panels and renewable energy information Save thousands with government incentives available to qualifying residential and commercial premises in Australia. These rebates can mean significant reductions in the cost of solar and/ or home battery systems, learn more about how you can save and if you are eligible for the rebate.

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